Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I can't complain. I have been here in Toronto for less than a month and already I was able to swing an interview on CBC 99.1 (Here and Now) to talk about my work and about Manila. It was a short, sweet, but primetime interview @ four pm (Thanks Tori Allen once again). I actually got a few people to come to the show just because they heard the broadcast.

And now I find out that my picture (along with my super friend and Tesa's BFF, Lee (Poch) Chapman) came out in the website of Spacings Toronto Magazine. We were at the Toronto the Good party at The Distillery and our photo was taken by Filipino-Canadian snapster Rannie Turingan. See the article here and the full photo set here. I also had the pleasure of meeting Sean Micallef, (below) the man behind Spacing Toronto Magazine, Toronto the Good Party, and Murmur. I find his interests in creating a spirit for Toronto and using cellphones to tell stories about historical spots rather inspiring. Manila could use someone like him.

And on the more localized front, a couple of nights ago, I finally had the pleasure of meeting Brian Gorrell of the Pure Advocacy blog. Now we didn't talk about anyone bitchily let it be known (or at least not loudly). We just had a great time chatting & hanging out at the closing of Mateo Guez's show at Stephen Bulger Gallery on Queen Street. Brian and I have a lot in common it seems. We have tons of common friends, we both are very hyperactive and we both have an unexplainable passion for the Philippines. Watch the trailer of Mateo's soon to be released movie, "Off World" here.

Me trying to do my cool cat look with Brian. If I look thinner, it's only because I just finished biking 25 kilometers around all of Toronto that day. Oh, and my show, "If These Walls Could Talk" was also on the listings of BlogTO.