Saturday, June 13, 2009


Arrived from Vancouver a couple of days ago and it was only a few hours till I did my favorite Manila activity: walk along Roxas Boulevard (above). Below, fellow walkers/Galleon Traders/artists/current The Living Room residents Eliza Barrios and Megan Wilson.

And it was good to see the city still in good shape. I know I have only been gone a month but it sometimes things can really change in such a short time. I was also glad to see a lot of artistic activity happening along the shoreline. Somewhere near The Diamond Hotel, I spotted a young woman making pencil sketches of the sunset (above). Very cool. Parang Paris.

A couple of bikers taking a break (above). Biking along the boulevard is really a great idea. After biking all around Toronto last month (below), I've been mulling the idea of getting a bike for Manila. And a helmet, of course. I have to explore this idea first.

Further down, I spotted another young lady (above). This time she was writing something in a journal. I could have been poetry, a grocery list, a cry for help, who knows? It was just cool to see someone so taken by the atmosphere of Roxas Boulevard that it compelled them to do a spontaneous creative act.

Finally, a group of students from PCCI doing a photo class.

Yup. The city is still doing OK. I need a haircut and a shave desperately though.

Next. The makeover.