Friday, June 12, 2009


Happy Independence Day, Everyone. 
Exactly 111 years ago, the Philippines became 
Asia's first and perhaps, shortest lived, republic.

And despite all of this country's flaws and all the seeming setbacks, allow me to say that I am proud as a peacock to hold a Philippine passport. I believe that it is truly a privilege to be part of this country's struggle to improve society and perfect an obviously imperfect system. 

Nations are not easy to build but we will reach our goal.
I know we will.
 Even if it takes us another 111 years.

Mabuhay to the will of the people. 
Mabuhay to fishballs, coconut trees, tarsiers, jeepneys, Juan Luna, and all that jazz.

Keep the good fight going everyone!

See you all on Monday.