Friday, October 30, 2009


Wow man. You print an negative article about the Philippines, people complain. So you print a positive article, and people STILL complain. Whatever. It seems more than apparent that there is no common agreement about what image we Filipinos should project upon the world.

So if I must be the only one living in some delusional bubble where it's all deliriously happy Filipinos spontaneously dancing in a parking lot in Makati sometime in the late 1970's doing choreography highly inspired by Jesus Christ Superstar set to music highly inspired by the BeeGees, then so be it. It's a world that I'd rather live in. Pffft. Blebo. Che kayong lahat with extra rice.

To paraphrase future Philippine National Artist for Literature, Miss Melanie Marquez, "I'm cutting us some slacks."

The Philippines is alright by me.

Thank you Chuva for the link.

*You are all so.. blurred.