Thursday, October 15, 2009


KAPISANAN, the premier Philippine arts/cultural organization of Toronto, has recently received funding to create a brand new website. They are seeking illustrators to support it's overall vision and art direction. The chosen illustrator will be working under the Creative Director (Christine Mangosing -

We are looking for 3 main illustrations (to represent 3 main sections of the site) which we will be taking pieces of to complete the overall look of the entire website.

The illustrations created will visually represent the KAPISANAN Centre and should evoke the mood/ambience/energy of the Centre and its people through the recommended styles described below to be used as the foundation of the new design for

• Point of reference is Scandinavian folk art, as adapted by illustrator Sanna Annukka ( or images also attached)
• Make use of the simplified forms (icons), repetition and organic flow of elements characteristic of the style, while incorporating elements specific to Philippine culture.

Make use of:
- flora and fauna native to the Philippines (ie. sampaguita, gumamela (hibiscus), anahaw palm leaves, santan, waling-waling, pineapples, papayas, mangoes, etc)
- native food/animals ( ie. roosters, pigs, carabaos, etc)
- stylistic elements found in architecture, furniture and textiles from both indigenous and post-Spanish culture (ie. T'boli tribe (below) t'nalak patterns, embroidery on barongs, geometric tattoo patterns from northern Luzon mountain tribes, Philippine Art Nouveau embroidery and decor from the turn of the century (EXAMPLE: THE Manila Metropolitan Theater (above), etc)
- objects common to the daily life of a Filipino (paypay (fan), banig, fork + spoon, jeepney, tricycle, rice cooker, etc)

BE CREATIVE, make it your own, make it FILIPINO, do your research, have fun!

Illustrations can be hand-drawn/hand-made using media of your choice (as long as it can be digitized and further manipulated -- scanned and vectorized) or digitally re-produced.

Please contact if you are interested in this job.