Saturday, February 06, 2010


OK. I said I would not do any negative campaigning against Noynoy, so I won't bring be throwing Hacienda Luisita in his face today. But when I see political ads like this, which seem to be going the wrong direction, I just have to speak up and offer my constructive criticism. Noy, or whoever it is that is behind you telling you to make these ads, I recommend that you cease and desist immediately and try a new angle. It not only comes across as sad, but it also seems a bit, I don't know, condescending? Why don't you try telling folks how great we can be instead of how horrible things are. Seriously, you are hitting all the wrong notes with ads like this. And also, hitting all the wrong people.

FROM E.M. on Facebook:
Exxxxxxx Mxxxxxx the latest TV Ads of Noynoy is an insult to us public health workers because "bulok health centers and government hospitals" are merely structures and do not speak of competence and dedication of public health workers. Like him we in Public Health are public servants as well, we are all accountable to the people we serve that we uphold our competence in our professfession. I truly despise what was said in the ads "ng dahil sa corruption pinagtitiyagaan ng tao ang mga bulok na mga health facilities" which also comes across as health services in Health Facilities "ay PINAGTITIYAGAAN din ng mga tao". Sir, let me just remind you even in worst and unfavorable working conditions you find public health workers doing their utmost best, a call of being public servants. Dont lump us as slacking in our jobs because no matter how least compensated we are in the health sector, we are all dedicated and competent public health professionals

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Just a friendly suggestion, Noy. That's all.