Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I'm listening to Vigo, an all new band with Buccino de Ocampo, Kakoy Legaspi, Francis Magat, Caliph8, Paolo Manuel, Tao Aves, and Khavn De La Cruz. According to their profile, "Vigo is a six member chamber-jazz avant-rock collective from Manila who take their name from Jean Vigo, the French filmmaker who died from tuberculosis in 1934 at age 29 leaving behind a slim filmography that despite comprising a mere two films—L’Atalante and Zero For Conduct—blazed a trail through cinematic history. The associations between the band and the man have to do with how both are proprietors of certain modes of ardor and certain modes of insanity. Love and lunacy. And a little of that fierce romanticism that a life that ends before its time and as its cresting."

It was fun having Vigo over at the apartment to shoot their album cover. Myself and the boys Monty and Bogart make a cameo.

Download their music here.