Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Stepping out stage left for a bit. Gotta get away. Gotta take a break. Really do. But before I do, let me present an amazing poem by R. Zamora Linmark. Thank you, man. It certainly lightened up my day. It's dedicated to Coco. And Coco. You know who you are.


for Carlos Celdran

Why are you scatterbrains all scattered? Be simple.

Get into rows of three’s or five’s. Four’s an

unwanted number and I’m two-thirds Chinese.

I’m sorry, I have to be strict. It’s my duty.

You know this is an impromptu, right?

You all came here unannounced, uninvited,

expecting to drop your load and wishful thinking

I’ll drop mine too. Expect again. Do you guys

even have an inkling as to what it means exactly

to be on and not out of commission for once?

Try stretching your imagination to the stacks

and cases of human rights violations I have

to read day in and day out? You, in the tank top,

quit playing with yourself. Everyone stay still,

or I’m out the door. Do you all hear me?

Because I don’t all hear you. No, that side

is not my vantage point. Don’t make me

turn my head just for you. I don’t even know

you or what field you came out of. I repeat

this is an impromptu. And impromptus, if

I’m not mistaken, give me the right not to turn

my head right-left-right-left-up-down-

down-up if I don’t want to. And I don’t want to.

My mind is already overloaded with down-

loaded images of precincts and policemen

in boxer shorts and t-shirts kicking prisoners’ beer

bellies like soccer balls and playing tug of war

with their genitals. You in the green shirt,

you’re ugly, get out of my line of sight. Who

was that that just left? You think I’m doing

this for my benefit? Such simple directions

for your simple minds and I have to repeat myself.

Look at me. All of you look at me. If I’m facing

you this way and not the other way, is that a good

angle to shoot me from? No. The laws of physics

say so. It is always better to shoot up-close

than from behind or way yonder, unless

you’re God. And it doesn’t take God to know that.

Okay, one more worst-case scenario: If you

and I get caught up in a moment like now

and another guy jumps in, is that considered

polite and good hygiene? N-double-O.

I know why you’re here. I thought long and hard

about you, shot you from every angle, every

side, dorsal, anterior, profile, top, bottom,

and the bottom line always remains the same:

calling me Coco doesn’t mean we’re seeing eye

to eye or almost close to coming together.

R. Zamora Linmark