Sunday, August 01, 2010


Women's Health Magazine Philippines is running an article on the Reproductive Health Bill in its September issue. And in light of that, they would like to hear what YOU all out there think of the bill.

So, using the format that you see above, as a "peg", could you people out there be ever so kind as to email them a couple of sentences? Just answer the question, "WHY DO YOU THINK THE PHILIPPINES NEEDS A REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL?" Both men and women may feel free to answer this question.

Here is a sample reply and a sample headshot by yours truly:

"Access to RH services is a United Nations basic human right (Article 25.2).
No need to say more."

Carlos, 37, Artist/Performer

You can send your photo to
Photo must be a headshot, between 1 mb to 3 mb in size.

The answer must not have more than 16 words.
Please provide your first name, age, occupation.

Thanks, guys, and cheers!