Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I received more entries today for the Intramuros Overnight Package. Whee. I'm posting a few more of them now...

I Wanna Win this one because..
1. I want to join your tour( Living La Vida Imelda) and have a picture taken with you and your nice magician hat(is that what we call it or is it the Uncle Sam hat?) BUT! I just haven't find the time and the person to do it with.
2, I grew up in Pandacan Manila and wished old things never change. Like for example I am super pro in restoring old buildings and old houses. That old building in Near Adamson I wished they didnt demolished because i find the pillar nice =). But i think its a good news i heard they plan to restore The Metropolitan theater because it a site to see whenever i commute on a bus from Pandacan to Sta Cruz. This said in Kudos to your blog and to whats your vision for Manila =) .
3, I Wanna experience that Hotel inside Intramuros and have a decent sleep for one! (I just move back to Pandacan from Paranaque) And you know adjustment to the new place is chalenging. SLEEp decent sleep plssss =). It will be so great to wake up like as if your trap in time. I wanna be a Seniorita for a Day Lolz.
This just about my entry. Im no creative person but Id like to share you a pic taken by the Manila Bay. Sunset!! =)

Three Good Reasons Why

There are three good reasons why
A trip to Intramuros would be a new high…
For me, my husband, and little daughter
We’ll explore a facet of what old Manila has to offer.
Since she turned one and way, way even before,
We’ve exposed her to new worlds,
New places to explore
For her it’s a joy, a delight, a surprise,
For us it’s a treasure to see it all through her eyes.
The third and last reason is simple, it seems
But being a Filipino is stuff made of dreams.
At this early stage, we want to plant a seed
In our daughter’s little heart
To love, to grow, to need
---need to know more and more
About roots, about heritage
---need to awaken a hunger
For knowledge no matter what age
---need to embrace where she’s from
And spark a love for the old
---need to light her imagination
For stories untold.
We’ve been to zoos all over Manila,
We’ve peeked into museums too.
We’d love a chance
To see Intramuros with you…
To appreciate what’s there
And how it used to be
And enjoy the experience
with photographs
to freeze a new memory.
Intramuros, Intramuros
You won’t just be a view
In our book of memories,
You’ll stand out anew.
Our child will taste a piece of history
Just by catching a glimpse
Of the place in its glory.
A brand-new pebble
In our memory glass jar, it will be
That’s how much this little
Trip will mean to my family
And me.

I've always wanted to join one of your tours because I've never really been to Intramuros or the other interesting parts of Manila. My route has always just been Cainta - Makati since I started working. Hehe. I've been trying to talk my hubby into signing up for one of your walking tours, but being the cheapskate, errr... thrifty person that he is, he always refused by saying that we have to save up, yada, yada, yada. So... Here's to hoping that we win one of those 10 overnight weekend packages! Hehe. XD
My 3 good reasons:
- I've never set foot in Intramuros before.
- I want to show my husband that we can enjoy and relax while not spending a fortune.
- Most of my young student life was spent abroad and I've only read about all the historic stuff that Manila's known for. This time, I'd love to experience it and see things before my very eyes.

(1) I've known about your tour for years and it has been on my list of things-to-experience. I just haven't gotten around to doing it because of the busyness of my details that need to be taken care of in my daily life. I think this would be a very wecome break for me and my husband.
(2) It has also been a very long time since I visited Intramuros. The last time was probably in 2006 for a wedding. It's a pity, I know... I really want to go back and rediscover the place again.
(3) Thirdly, I bought a DSLR last year and I'm now working on my photography skills. Intramuros would make a beatiful subject. I also plan to take portraits of my husband and son while there, and maybe a few shots with me in it. It will be my son's first at Intramuros and I think he will enjoy being in a new, unfamiliar and interesting place. He needs to get out of the condo more. :)

1. I am stuck here in Cebu for so long and I am dying to experience the adventure that Manila has to offer.
2. I am willing to trade the pristine white sand beach getaway (a picture that I took is attached) in Bantayan Islands, Cebu to an overnight of relishing our history. Finally i'll get to experience what I saw in the pages of my "Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas" textbook back in high school.
3. I'm sure it would be pretty cool to hangout with you on a weekend and my partner thinks so too.

After being subjected to 4 days of Maynilad torture- 24 hours non stop drilling right outside my window (please see Maynilad torture pic) I feel that I deserve a nice relaxing weekend. It would also be a treat for me to sleep in a nice clutter free room (unlike mine - please see attached room pic) for a change :D Please please please pick me!

1. I am a product of MANILENYOS. Both my families (Mother & Fathers side) have deep roots in the fine city. My dad in the Port Area and My mother worked in the Ledesma Building (Across San Agustin Church)
2. I work in MANILA. Everyday I dive from San Juan to Manila and pass through the walled city to get to work.
3. I was married in MANILA. San Augustin Church to be exact.
The sad thing is: I know nothing about Manila and Intramuros. My father and mother has called this city home, I have been driving through Manila for 10 years (not to mention my college days in San Beda), my wedding in San Agustin Church. All these things and I don't know enough about Manila. I believe Mr. Celdran can enlighten me and show me where to begin. Through his tour and hanging out with Mr. Walk This Way himself I can finally put meaning and history behind the places & things I see on my daily drive to work.

1.Though we’ve been in Intramuros a couple of times, we’ve never fully appreciated it because our trips there had been for school requirements or an occasional wedding. A tour from you would make us discover Intramuros in a fun and enlightening way plus an overnight stay in The Intramuros Hotel would be a super plus+++
2.It’s free. We like freebies that cost nothing but are still able to enjoy nice things, like a tour and a hotel stay.
3.I read your blog and check everyday for new posts. I learn new things, places, food, etc. from your travels and tours. J