Thursday, March 06, 2008


Wow. I am really kinda overwhelmed about the response I have been getting from my "I WILL WAIT TILL 2010" group on facebook. In the last 48 hours, over 316 people have signed up. I know it's not a very large number, but I still consider it to be rather significant. I found it also interesting who see who were willing end their "silence" and willingly announce that they are NOT supporting PEOPLE POWER 4 or attempts to bring the presidency down through extraconstitutional methods. And such an interesting mix. There were students and alumni of colleges both here and abroad, high school students, Fil-Ams, Fil-Canadians, OCWs, artists, and professionals. Bloggers like Anton of Awesome Planet, and Mike Aquino of Reason is the reason joined the group. Artists/designers like Tippi Ocampo, Gian Romano, and Astrud Crisologo joined the group as did dancer Donna Miranda and celebrities Bituin Escalante, Jamie Wilson, and GR Rodis. Even journalists RG Cruz and Daphne and Patrick Paez were willing to wait till 2010 like me. Now we might not be collectively as impressive as say, the Makati Business Club, or have the same celebrity clout as Jim Paredes, but still, it's still a great collection of good Filipino citizens. And please realize that none of these people are SAYING THAT they love or support the president at all. What it just says here is that people who are willing to see the president out in 2010 are not the apathetic, morally vacuuous, unintelligent people that some folks out there have made us out to be.

And since it's orbs month too, here are more shots of San Agustin by Ryazan Del Carmen of Ateneo (above). Thanks Ryazan!

Now, either the place is dripping with ghosts. Or the place needs dusting in a major way.