Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Received this passive aggressive letter today from some guy name A*****.

I don't know. I think this whole ZTE/Lozada/People Power 4?? topic is dead. Other people seem to have better blogs to read nowadays. And really, I don't know why when it comes to politics, some people just can't help but resort to insults. Jeez.

From A*****:


I am interested in doing one of your tours, however, I think that your political opinion is in the category of a spoiled brat/I live a happy live so everyone stop wanting to change yours category.

My question is, will your tours be free from these opinions of yours? Because, I must say, from what excerpts I see on TV, political immaturity aside, you do a good job with your tours. If so, I will definitely take some foreigner friends to attend very soon! Hope you don't take offense.



My reply:

UM. Sorry. But I do take offense with terms like "political immaturity" and um.. spoiled brat. You have some nerve so I really did think to myself "who the hell are you to judge me?" when you have no idea what my tours are about and what else I do aside from my blog.

But thats ok. I like fiesty people and I like the fact that you aren't afraid to tell sh** to peoples faces..

The tours have my opinions of course. Anything I do will have my opinions (which I NEVER AIR ON TV by the way).

The choice is up to you.


Hope you don't take offense.

His reply:

Dear Carlos,
I guess I have to apologize. I honestly didn't think you would take offense, what with all the crap that have been said about you in your comments section. Mine seemed mild. In any case maybe I was out of place. I am sure, you are a nice guy despite our difference of opinion. Enjoy your day!

My final reply:

I really didn't take that much offense dude. I get stuff like this all the time. But my blog is out there and it is your choice to log on or not.

You went out of your way to email me, inquire about tours and insult me. Were you really expecting me to agree with your unsolicited opinion? I'm not dumb dude. I can tell a backhand insult when I read it.

I'm glad you see how out of line you were. But no worries man. Were ok. Peace bro.

I'm sure you are a nice guy too and perhaps we would get along when we meet IF we don't talk politics. Most people do.

Cheers and have a great week ahead too A*****.

Take care (I'm serious - I'm not being sarcastic). :o)


Why can't we all just get along? Sigh... I am so sick of this topic. Really, if you don't like my politics.  Leave my blog.  I have stopped going to your sites, so stop going to mine.  Sheesh.