Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Oh my god. Malu Fernandez strikes again. Now against BLOGGERS. So as a person whose blog pretty much created his career, all I have to say is: "What the hell?" But then again, this is a woman who was shredded into ribbons by bloggers for her disparaging remarks about OCWs, maybe she does have a bone to pick with us. But I'm also wondering what's the deal with her smarmy remarks about some blogger of Spanish descent. I wonder who she's talking about. And what is it about this year? It's just one bloody ta-e* explosion after the other on the blogosphere. Read her comments about bloggers here. Thanks Bryan for the link and the analysis. Now this is the last time I'm going to say anything about this subject (I swear - kinda). Now everyone, if you wish to start a discussion about her, go ahead. But please don't use the words, "fat" or "pig", and avoid making comments that would veer off the main topic about blogs, OK. Let's keep this clean.
*Tagalog for "feces".

Oh. And thank you heart-2-heart for the cute post!