Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Here's an issue for all you Anti-Gloria folks out there to figure out and perhaps pursue. While you were busy protesting, did you notice that the Comelec (the Commission on Elections) is missing? As in: Missing. As in: the building which once housed the institution responsible for counting all of our electoral votes is gone. GONE. Pfft. Poof!

Such a shame though. Not because considering the controversy surrounding the last elections, the place should have been classified as a crime scene. But judging by the huge adobe block in the foreground (above), the former COMELEC building was actually a real 19th century structure. The thick volcanic tuff walls attest to that. And real 19th century structures are a real rarity in downtown Manila now. So sad.

Oh well, I guess it's better off as a parking lot? Sigh.

Here a couple of shots of the COMELEC the day it burned. (above).