Monday, March 17, 2008


So my facebook "I will Wait Till 2010" has topped 735 members as of midday today. Cool. And just a few days ago, I received a letter from a lovely young lady who said that she had an inspired moment after reading the post. I think the "silent ones" are slowly finding the words they are looking for. This is a good example of that. And a good example that even though we are willing to wait, we aren't ENDORSING GMA's wrongdoings either.

Hi, Carlos.

I discovered your "I Will Wait Till 2010" group on Facebook last night and it inspired something of a "Jerry Maguire moment": I just could not stop writing! Below is my little reflection on the value of waiting, which I had originally planned on posting on my blog. After some thought, I decided against it because of the Internet's uncontrollable viral nature. However, I sent it to a few close friends and would like to share it with you, as it was your initiative that inspired this in the first place :)

If you feel like re-posting it, my only request is that I remain completely anonymous.

I do hope the movement catches on; last count was 580 and at least seven of the new recruits are mine :)

Warm regards,
G****** ******

I Will Wait

Before the Feb. 29 interfaith rally, I texted my college buddies; the same people I was with during EDSA 2 and all the rallies leading up to it (Batasan, Senate.. you name it, we were there). Feeling absolutely no motivation to once again heed the calls for mass action, I wanted to know if my peers felt the same way. So I asked: "Anyone feel like joining the rallies?" Every single one of them responded in the negative.

I was relieved then, to find that I was not alone… but not nearly as relieved as I was to discover the "I Will Wait Till 2010" group on Facebook. Founded by blogger Carlos Celdran, 2010 is an online community of like-minded Filipinos who do not believe in ousting President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (through extra constitutional methods). Irony of ironies, I chanced upon said group while reading the comments on an anti-GMA facebook page. A poster on the latter group's page noted that the former actually had (as of her writing) as many members as theirs. Intrigued, I searched for 2010 and signed up within a minute. I became "I WILL WAIT TILL 2010"'s 534th member.

Here's why I Will Wait Till 2010:

I Will Wait because I see no clear, viable alternative. I Will Wait because I believe we need to show the world (and ourselves!) that unseating presidents hasn't become our national pastime. I Will Wait because I do not want to compromise our economic growth; especially not while the very real possibility of a US recession is looming over our heads (don't people freakin' realize that wealth won't trickle down to the poorest of the poor overnight, and that we need at least five years of sustained growth for it to do so?!?! For crying out LOUD! Some PATIENCE!!! *end rant*) I Will Wait because I do not believe in shortcuts.

I Will Wait because I'm all rallied-out: I'd rather work hard at my business so we can create more jobs, export more products, bring in more dollars, and create a positive image of the Philippines worldwide. I Will Wait because if Erap becomes a caretaker president, it will break my heart and spirit. I Will Wait because I love this blessed country of ours just as much as all the angry, noisy rallyists do; I just choose to love it in a way that is different but by no means wrong.

But to PGMA, if you're out there, do know that I am not waiting till 2010 because I am a fan of yours. Nor am I condoning the corruption that I sadly believe exists in your government. I am all for uncovering the truth, and if it is found that you have indeed been robbing us in one way or another, I am all for prosecution. Should you be found guilty, I am all for seeing you imprisoned… just revoke Erap's pardon while you still can, so the pair of you can be jail buddies ;)

In this respect, in this yearning for truth and justice, I'm sure all of us are united. We all love our country and believe it deserves capable and honest leadership. It's just that the majority of us, silent though we may be, are willing to… Wait.